Our Products

Link Indexing Script
K-Links Directory is the perfect link directory script for starting a profitable link directory website offering full-featured directory of resources/links similar to Yahoo-style search engine. The flexibility of K-Links Link Directory Script allows you to manage any type of link directory. Our link directory script contains a number of unique features not included in other link indexing scripts available on the market so please make sure to read the description carefully.

Meta-Search Script

K-Search provides you a quick and easy way to start your own meta-search engine and earn money by displaying relevant sponsored results taken from Pay Per Click feeds or your own sponsors. Our meta-search script contains web, image, news and shopping searches, spell checking, search suggestions and integration with payment gateways to process advertiser payments.

Image Rating Script
K-Rate is one of the most advanced „Hot Or Not” type image rating scripts available on market today. Actually it is more than just a simple image rating script– it is more like a image rating community script and we could even call it a dating script. Our image rating script allows members to sign up, upload images and get them rated by other members or visitors. But that is not all – on signup members can create their profiles by answering the signup questions about members personality, likes/dislikes, interests and hobbies which other members can view afterwards. Members can also express themselves by posting in their own blogs, exchange thoughts in forums, talk in chat rooms and contact each other privately using private messaging system.