Instant Trial Installation on Your Server!

Trying out website software has never been easier. For the first time in industry history we are introducing a yet unseen convenience feature - completely automated script installations on your own web server! No longer there is a need to download and upload files, go through the installation steps, look after file permissions and generally make sure that the installation has been completed correctly. Why do it yourself when our auto-installer service can do it for you completely for free?

The only thing you have to do is to provide the necessary server access details in the form below. The installation will be completed immediately.

NOTE: we do not store your server access details, they are immediately discarded as soon as the installation process completes.

Select the software to install:

The installation may take up to a couple of minutes to complete in some cases. Thank you for your patience. Please do not press the "Install" button twice.

NOTE: this service has been launched just recently and we might have not managed to catch all the possible quirks yet. In case you're having any problems to complete the installation, please contact us, so we could take a look into the particular problem and solve it for you and other users that might be experiencing it as well.