K-Links Platinum Edition Overview

K-Links Platinum is the full-featured K-Links edition. The only difference with the most popular and slightly cheaper edition of K-Links - Premium Edition - is the Platinum Editons ability to create several types of sponsored listings (for example, you can create a super-sponsored listing type that stands out more and also set this listing to appear above all other sponsored listings). If you do not need the ability to have several types of paid listings then we suggest to choose the Premium Edition instead.

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Listings can be added by site administrator or submitted by registered members.

A new powerful feature that is included in K-Links Directory is ability to create unlimited number of customizable extra fields. Extra fields will allow you to create a directory for any type of listings since the script now allows to categorize any type of descriptive information. Besides, extra fields can be used in advanced search as well! Several options are available - simple and long text, drop-down select box, checkbox and even range search for numbers! 

K-Links, of course, also have predefined fields like Title, Summary, Description, Category, URL, etc. K-Links has been very popular to be used as scripts/software directory, so it also has built-in fields that are suited for displaying script/software listings like Price, Platform, Size, Download URL. It is also possible to upload logo image and screenshot image. If images are too large in size they will be automatically resized to pre-set constraints (which can be changed in admin area). These optional built-in fields can easily be turned on and off as well.

Category and search results can be sorted by various parameters and a number of results displayed can be varied as well by users choice.

Listings can be made to stand out by marking them as editors picks.

Sponsored Listings

Support for sponsored listings has been added to K-Links with a single thought - to help site owner earn additional revenues. Sponsored listings are displayed above all others in their category and search results therefore advertisers would be interested to pay for the listing if it provides better exposure for the listing. We have made revenue generating as easy as never before! Software contains built-in integration with Paypal and 2CheckOut and all you need to do to start selling sponsored listings is to enter your PayPal and/or 2CheckOut ID's in software options. You can also format sponsored listing to stand out any way you wish - to have different colors, images or even different layout of the listing!

Paid Inclusion

A rare feature you will hardly find in any other link indexing script - an ability to charge an inclusion fee before the listing can be submitted to the directory. You can turn paid inclusion on/off easily as well as set up pricing plans.

Several Types Of Sponsored Listings

This feature which is available for the Platinum Version only gives you the ability to create several sponsored listing types with customizable payment plans. Since separate template files can be used to show listing entry in category/search results and for listings detail page you can vary sponsored listing plans as per how much information is displayed for each type (for example, ability to publish phone number or an advertisement). K-Links allows to control the order of the sponsored listings (for example, the listings using the more expensive plan would be listed first, then listings using a cheaper plan, etc).

Pay Per Click Results

K-Links can also show sponsored results from Pay Per Click feeds like SearchFeed or ESpotting - using these you'll be able to start to display relevant sponsored results right after the site is launched - just enter the according user ID numbers in K-Links options panel and the site is ready to start serving PPC results which can be shown in category and/or search results after your preference.

Reciprocal Linking

K-Links can be set up to check the listing site for reciprocal link periodically. Also script can be easily configured to give advantage for reciprocal links by displaying them higher in result list (between sponsored and regular listings).

Search Engine Friendly!

This is one of the most important aspects for link directory script. If you're not on search engines you are nowhere! Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that as long as you use K-Links Directory because every single page of your site will be crawled by Google and other search engines! For example, there are 11,000 pages from webmasterscripts.org listed at Google!
How do we achieve so good compatibility with search engines?

  • Static URL's are used. Search engines do not like page addresses like http://mysite.com/index.php?req=show&act=listing&id=12345 and most of such pages aren't even crawled. We have chosen different approach and use static URL's that search engines crawl with pleasure. For example:
    http://softbull.com/stardust-wallpaper-control.html. Every page is still generated dynamically!
  • We use listing title to generate listing address. Like in the previous example - if listing title is Stardust Wallpaper Control then the URL will be /stardust-wallpaper-control.html. Search engines usually give priority to pages that contain words from search query in their address.
  • Listing title is included in page title. This is similar to previous example with URL's. Search engines give higher priority to pages that contain that search term in their titles.

Very Powerful Administration Area!

The extremely powerful admin area is another aspect that makes this product to stand out among others! There are lots of similar products with nice frontend, but the backend part is often a little neglected. Well, not in this case!

  • Add unlimited number of administrators!
    Your site could get large and you might not be able to handle all the administration alone, so you might want to involve some other people to handle the administration - to approve new listings, reviews, handle advertising, etc. One solution would be to use the same admin account for all admins but that would be unsafe, so that's not a real solution. K-Links directory enables you to create new admin accounts easily and best of all - you can limit permissions for each admin! For example, one admin is only allowed to manage/approve listings and reviews. Another admin is responsible for managing banners and so on. Simple yet truly effective!
  • Easy Data Management
    Almost every type of data with K-Links Directory is bulk-processable. Approve/suspend, modify information or category, change image, change sponsorship status, delete, etc. and view detailed information about submission - member id, IP, submission time, etc. Listings can be sorted virtually any way you wish - by date added, date updated, sponsorship status, member, title, etc. Also search can be processed for every field, for example, it's easy to filter out all the listings that contain the word "database" in their description. The same refers for member management - you can filter out members by email adresses, signup IP's, etc, etc. In very similar way you can manage banners, polls, reviews, etc. We suggest to take a look at admin area yourself to get the idea of the real power - a picture paints a thousand words ;)
  • Add Listings
    Listings can be added through admin panel as well
  • Check For Duplicate Listings
    Fast and easy check for listings with repeating URL's. You may choose either to suspend or to delete duplicate listings automatically.
  • Approve New Listings/Reviews
    All the new listings and listing reviews that are submitted by site members need to be approved by admin first.
  • Categories
    • Add unlimited number of categories and subcategories in unlimited number of levels!
    • Categories can be moved around easily! You can reorganize the category tree without pain while maintaining the listing association to categories.
    • Category page URLs contain category names therefore making them search engine friendly.
    • Different color icons for categories depending on how many days ago there were new listings submitted to this category
    • Possibility to group similar/related scripts from different categories together using cross-related categories. For example if you have listings of related P2P clients you can group them together even if they are from different categories. At each of listings pages there will be links to other listings from this category (for example, similar programs, addons to this program, etc.)
  • Backup Database
    Bult-in database backup/restore tool.
  • Options Panel
    Change various settings and options of the script.
Easily Customizable!

  • The script is almost fully template based and templates can be modified through admin area
  • All the fonts and colors are CSS based and CSS file can also be modified from admin area
  • Language-file based! You can run the site in any language you want, just translate the language file! Take a look at softbull.com - it's in Spanish!
  • All the emails submitted by script (welcome, password recovery, subscriptions, newsletters) can be modified easily as well.
CSV Import

A brand new feature that will be useful to many - CSV file import! It would be very useful in case you have a data stored, for example, in Excel table which you'd like to import into K-Links. With this feature it's now all possible - all you have to do is to save the table in CSV format, upload it using the import wizard, select which fields from your table should go to which K-Links field - and that's all, as simple as that.

Link Page Caching

K-Links also provides a feature that you have most likely already seen at your favourite search engine - page caching that allows to keep local copies of the indexed pages on your server. It means that there would be no more broken links at your directory! In case the listing website page is not available (for example, a temporary server downtime) the script can be configured to display the cached page immediately.

Banner Management System

No need to look for external banner management script since K-Links Directory already provides a built-in one!

  • Targeted traffic - you can set the banner to be displayed in certain categories only
  • Display limit - banners can be set to display only for a certain amount of time
  • See stats at admin area - see how many times the banner has been displayed, how many clicks received, CTR


Submit information to registered members of the site. Several newsletter templates can be created and submitted messages are stored in newsletter archive.


Built-in polls management system enables you to run surveys on your site.

Partner Links

Earn extra revenues by providing extra advertising space. At the left side of the screen is an advertising column that is perfectly suited for advertisements (Google AdSense ad will fit in perfectly!). You can use this space any way you want by modifying the template manually, but we provide functionality to display a list of sponsored links. Links can be shown in certain categories and for limited amount of time.

Site News

Display quick messages in index page - for example - "We will have server upgrade at March 15 2:00-3:00 EST" for given amount of time.

Additional Features For Members

Each registration must be validated - email message is sent to new member with information how to activate the registration. Registered members can:

  • Submit new listings
  • Write reviews on listings
  • Modify their listings
  • Subscribe to notifications on new listings in particular categories
  • In members area members can see all submitted listings they have submitted (and listing status - whether approved, days left as sponsored if sponsored listing), purchase sponsored listings, view reviews they has written and subscribtions on new listing notifications.
  • Forgotten password recovery, resend confirmation code.
  • Members can subscribe to be notified about new/updated listings in particular categories.
Other Features
  • Visitors can rate listings
  • Visitors can send reports to admins on broken/cheating/etc listings
  • Site search - simple and advanced
  • View newest listings, most popular and top rated listings from each category

Free Templates Available!

We are creating and offering nice looking free website templates for K-Links!

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Platinum edition license costs only $169

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