K-Rate Premium Version Feature Overview

Premium edition is the most advanced distribution of K-Rate and contains all the features available for the script. It is recommended to choose the premium edition if you wish to start an image rating/dating website that would support paying members which would receive certain privileges and extra services.
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Members can signup and upload images
Before uploading images user must register to the site. On registration the script asks to enter users gender (or any other sort of type which you may freely configure), birth date and location - these parameters can be used in member profile search. Also the user enters his self description and if the script has been configured so - to more detailed self description, likes and interests, contact info and other questions. And of course upload the image. Uploading an image is mandatory by default but site administrator can turn this feature off and allow to signup without a picture, too. To avoid people signing up using fake email addresses an activation email is sent to registered email address and the member muss click a link included in the activation email message to activate the account. When logged in member can upload more images (limits are configurable by admin), change profile data, email, password, etc. All uploaded images are a subject to admin approval by default, but this feature can be turned off by site admin.

Support for paying members
This feature is truly unique for the premium version only! To attract people willing to pay for the premium membership several options are available for customization. For example - premium member could upload higher number of images, view all images at other members profiles (you can enable non-paying members to see, for example, max 3 images only), view more details of other members profiles (additional description, contact info), contact other members using the private messaging system, participate in chat rooms, talk in forums (you can even set up separate forum boards for paying members only), have their own blogs, allow voting directly profiles, leave comments on other peoples profiles, etc. The privileges of paying member are so customizable, so you'll have no trouble setting up your paid-membership site exactly in the way you wish!

In addition you can create several payment plans (configurable by membership time and price). The script has a built-in payment processing support for 2CheckOut and PayPal and all payments are 100% automated.

Members and visitors can vote for images
Images can be rated in two ways - user can, for example, simply click a link "Show Women" and just give ratings of 1 to 10 for all women images one by one in the classical HotOrNot style. Also the user can vote directly from members profile but this can be disabled by admin (member can not vote for his/her own profile and admin can only allow members or even only premium members to vote directly from profiles). One user can rate one profile only once.

Forums offer a great way for members to talk to each other, discuss various topics, etc. Unlimited number of forums and forum groups to organize forum boards can be created. Like all popular forum systems the K-Rate forum can use different access rights for each forum - each boards access rights can be configured by the rights to post, read or see the forum name in forum list - for example, the board title can be set to be visible for all users including guests, forum reading rights only to members and posting rights to paying members only. This means that you can create "elite" forums for paying members only. The forum in it's overall functionality is quite similar to any popular forum system - marks the new posts, divides thread lists as well as long threads by pages, counts number of posts for each member and contains a powerful search function. 

Chat rooms
Chat rooms is a very good way for members to talk to other members real time. The chat routine doesn't use Java, Flash or any other browser addons and uses a pure Javascript on browser side. It is also very friendly to your bandwidth since it only retrieves the new messages posted and does not reload the whole message list every few seconds. The chat rooms can be configured to be accessible by paying members only.

Members' personal blogs
Blogs allow members to start their own online diary, post their thoughts, etc. Other members can leave comments on blog posts, too. To encourage people to upgrade their account to premium membership you can allow only the paying members to have their own blog.

Member toplists
Member toplists are created and ordered according to the votes they have received. There are two toplists - quick toplists for each member type displayed at the right side of the page (by default 5 members of each type). Also there are longer toplists that are shown in separate page (20 members by default). To appear in toplist the member has to receive a certain number of votes first (15 by default) - so that one vote 10-ratings wouldn't mess up the toplist.

Search for members
This is one of the features that allows to use K-Rate also as a dating site as member profiles can be searched by age, gender, location (country/state/city) and even by description. This allows other members to find profiles they would be interested in and contact other members afterwards.

Featured Members
Site administrator can highlight interesting profiles by setting them as featured for a certain period of time.Featured profiles are shown at the index page (image and description) therefore providing very high visibility for them.

Unlimited number of member categories
Don't think that K-Rate can only be used as a men/women rating website! Actually you can rate just about anything using it :) Create a dog rating website and use dog breeds as categories, create a car rating website and use models/manufacturers as categories, etc. Rate everything!

Unlimited number of administrators
This feature is especially nice for bigger websites where several administrators could be required to handle administration of website. Administrator rights are fully configurable - there may be an admin account that is only able to manage pictures and member accounts, but other admin can administer forums, chat rooms, send newsletters and manage polls.

Easily modifyable template/CSS based pages
K-Rate (as well as all other turn-k.net scripts) use only page templates and CSS stylesheet to define design. Therefore the design is separated from code as much as possible and allows to modify the design without a need to touch the PHP code itself. Template and CSS stylesheet files can be modified directly from K-Rate administration area. Basically the only knowledge you need to customize design is HTML and CSS. We can create custom high quality templates for you as well - please contact us for a quote if interested.

Search engine friendly URL's
We pay a lot of attention for search engine friendliness of our scripts and K-Rate is not an exception. Basically every single page is search engine friendly. How do we achieve it? At first, we only use static URL's for scripts pages, for example - http://kratedemo.com/view/mikka.html instead of http://kratedemo.com/index.php?req=view&id=mikka which most likely wouldn't get indexed by search engines as it would be treated as dynamic-content page which search engines try to avoid to include in their indexes.

Multilanguage ready
K-Rate can be easily translated in any language since all the texts used in the program are defined using a language file. It is even possible to have several languages at the same time! Good example for an international website - a Norwegian car rating website - BilOgStyling.Com.

Polls system
K-Rate's built-in interactive polls system allows you to run interactive surveys at your site.

Site news system
Site news system allows site webmaster to post latest site related news at the index page of the site. The news item can be configured to be displayed only for a certain amount of time.

Private messaging system
Allows to send private messages to other members of the site and reply to them. Works similarly as the good-old email. An inbox folder to see incoming messages and sent mail folder to view the sent messages. Private messaging system can be configured to be only a privilege of the paying members.

Newsletter system
Site administrator can send mass emails to all members of the site. Newsletter templates can be created to help to create messages more quickly. Also the sent newsletter archive is available.

Database backup
Database backup is an essential feature for every database driven website. Database management routine allows to create new backups manually or you can set the script to create new backups automatically. The routine allows to create several backups and of course lets you reload the database from backup if needed.

Image watermarking
Watermarking can be very helpful if you wish to avoid other sites using images from your site. With a watermark added on your images (with your site url written on it, for example) it will make much harder for thiefs to take images from your site and will also make your site look more solid.

Additional profile questions
If you wish the member profiles to contain more descriptive information you can create additional fields. There are four groups of additional questions that can be created - "About" (predefined answer choice from dropdown list, for example, Hair Color - Brown/Red/Black/Green/etc.), "What I Like", "Contact Me", "More Information" - answers entered in free text form. You may also choose which of this information can be later displayed for visitors, members or premium members. 

Leaving comments on member profile
This is a very nice feature that allows other members to place personal opinion on the other profile instead of just giving a 1-10 rating. Members who do not wish to receive comments on their profiles can turn this feature off and also delete unwelcomed comments.

Favorite profiles
"Bookmarking" favorite profiles is a great way for a member to keep track of the profiles he/she likes best and members the user communicates with.

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Premium edition license costs only $129

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