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K-Search - Meta Search Engine Script

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K-Search Meta Search Script is a quick and easy way to start your own meta-search engine and earn money by displaying relevant sponsored results grabed from any search engine's Pay Per Click feeds or of your own sponsors.
  • Full-featured meta sarch engine script
  • Performs web, news, image and shopping search
  • Earn money by displaying PPC results
  • Drive visitors to high-priced searches
  • Extremely customizable meta search
  • Loaded with unique features
  • Suggestions for related searches

K-Search Overview

K-Search is a meta search engine script that helps you to run your own meta search engine where a visitor could search web, news, images and shopping related items.

  • Searching Web: Meta search script queries Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, MSN, Inktomi, FAST, Teoma, LookSmart and dmoz Open Directory simultaneously. A search engine can be enabled or disabled to for the searches. A search engine will be skipped automatically for a slow response, it helps the search results to be displayed instantaneously.

  • Searching News: Meta search engine software displays results from BBC, CNN, ABC and Fox News sites.

  • Searching Images : Meta search engine script searches and Netscape image search for the images.

  • Searching Shopping Items: Meta search software lists results from Amazon.

Generate Revenue Using K-Search

Displaying relevant sponsored results which can generate income is one of the main principles of our meta search engine script K-Search. The meta search engine software comes along with own sponsor signup system (with built-in 2CheckOut and PayPal payment processing facilities).

The meta search script also supports sponsored listing feeds from ESpotting or SearchFeed. This allows you to start showing paid results as soon as your site becomes live!

Popular Searches feature with a preset high-priced keyword list of the meta search script helps to drive your visitors to searches that would earn the highest value. There are lots of keywords priced $0.50 or more just for a single click! example

Extremely Easy to Customize

The meta search engine software is 100% template/CSS driven. Customizing link directory interface does not require any PHP knowledge. It also provides an option to translate the site in any language through language file, so users could easily switch to their language (English, Russian, Latvian language files are currently available, more will be added soon).

Unique Features

  • Caching Search Results: Meta search engine software allows you to cach the search results for a period of time to save bandwidth on popular searches results from BBC, CNN, ABC and Fox News sites.

  • Building Query Archive : Meta search engine script logs all the search queries to build a query archive with search engine friendly result links. This helps your web site's result pages to get spidered by search engines.

  • Safe Search Feature : Meta search software allows you to block certain keywords from searching for providing a safe search feature to the users.

  • Spell Checker: Meta search script provides a spell checking feature to help your visitors quickly correct misspelled searches.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are offering a 30 day, risk free money-back gaurantee. If at anytime within 30 days of purchasing our turnkey website script, you are not happy or not satisfied, then simply contact us and we will return your money back without asking any questions.

System Requirements

  • Apache or IIS web server
  • Mod_Rewrite module loaded (if using Apache)
  • PHP 4.2.0 or better
  • MySQL 3.22 or better (4.0 or better recommended)
  • PHP shouldn't be running in safe mode or it must be enabled to execute an external program

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