K-Search Online Demo

To help you realize the possibilites and power of our state-of-art meta search engine system K-Search we provide you demos to all 3 main software sections.

Real Live K-Search Websites

Perhaps the best demonstration of capabilities of K-Search are real K-Search websites. See a list of selected K-Search sites here.

Downloadable Trial Version

You can download K-Search Premium for free and try it on your own server for 15 days!

Visitor Section

This is the main part of the search website where search queries can be submitted and results are displayed.

See demo here: http://ksearchdemo.com

Sponsors Area

Through sponsors area advertisers can upload funds using 2CheckOut or PayPal, view their spendings and balance, add and edit sites, suspend and re-activate advertising campaigns.

See demo here: http://ksearchdemo.com/sponsors.html (username: demo, password: demo)

Admin Area

This is the part of the site where site administrator can manage sponsor accounts, add funds manually, change options (like information for payment gateways and which search engines to use), edit templates, etc.

See demo here: http://ksearchdemo.com/admin (username: demo, password: demo)

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