K-Search Standard Version Overview

Standard edition is a lighter edition of K-Search and doesn't contain some of the extra features available for the script. In comparison to the full-featured Premium Edition it does not contain such features as News, Image and Shopping search (and possibility to add new search categories), site own sponsor system, search result caching for popular searches, spell checker and option to ban certain keywords for being used in search queries. Standard edition is mainly suited for the sites that do not need their own advertiser system (however still keeping a possibility to show sponsored results using PPC feeds), the extra search categories and some other features. Standard edition is the perfect solution for pure PPC advertising needs - can be used for example on a high-traffic type-in domain.

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System Requirements

  • PHP 4.2.0 or better
  • PHP shouldn't be running in safe mode or it at least must be enabled to execute an external program
  • MySQL database
  • Apache webserver with mod_rewrite module enabled

  • Installation is done through a simple and explaining three-step wizard (instructions are available).  

    Frontend Features

    Searching The Web

    K-Search can query the following search engines simultaneously: Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, MSN, Inktomi, FAST, Teoma, LookSmart and dmoz Open Directory. By default Google is not used, because it is against their terms of service, but you can enable it if you receive permission from Google. Recently a support for Google API has been added which allows you to query Google 1000 times per day but you'll have to register at Google an receive the API key. It is easy to add other engines, too, if necessary we can do it on request.

    Only the top 10 results are retrieved from each search engine. The retrieved results are grouped together using simple yet effective formula - for each 1st ranking the site receives 10 points, for 2nd place - 9 points and so on. After calculating the points, they are counted together and results are ordered by them. This assures that only the finest results are displayed first.

    The search process is so fast because all the search engines are queried at the same time - a separate process is executed to query each engine. In case any of the search engines do not respond within certain amount of time (by default - 2 seconds) it is skipped to remain the search process fast.

    Displaying Search Results

    Search results are displayed in similar way as Google and other popular search engines does. At the bottom of each result entry there is a ranking bar (graphically displays the points received) and links to source search engines with rankings. User can disable these details in personal preferences.

    By default there are 10 results displayed for each page but user can change this from personal preferences.

    Sponsored Results

    In case there any advertised results available for the search query, these are displayed above all others. These results are arranged in order of the bid received. As a source of these sponsored results you may use an external feed like SearchFeed or Espotting.

    Site administrator can easily turn displaying of sponsored results on and off if needed.

    Advanced Search

    Users can greatly specify their search query here. They can specify which words or/and phrase must be within results, or if there can be any of entered words and words that must not be within results. Users can as well choose which search engines should be used and a number of results per page.

    Search Preferences

    Users may choose the language the site should display in, number of results per page, whether or not to display search summaries (ranking bar and information on source engines) and whether to open results in new browser window instead of the same window.

    Query Archive

    All processed search queries are logged in database in order to build a query archive with search engine friendly result links that will give your site a good chance for it's result pages to get spidered by search engines. These queries can also be used to provide related queries. Queries from advanced search or queries using boolean logic are not logged in to keep the query-base clean.

    Related Searches

    K-Search provides a list of related search queries for every Web search request (related queries are pulled from Yahoo!). In case Yahoo! is turned off or did not retrieve any results K-Search will provide related queries using it's own query base. Site administrator can turn off displaying of related queries if so prefered.

    Popular Searches

    The Popular Searches feature with a preset high-priced keyword list which you can freely change or re-arrange any time helps to drive your visitors to searches that would give you the highest return. There are lots of keywords that are being priced for $0.50 and more just for a single click (example)!

    Multilanguage Ready

    The site can be translated in any language through language files.

    Online Demo!

    Take a look how this works yourself!

    Backend Features

    Site adminstration area lets site owner modify all aspects of the site

    Manage Sponsor Accounts
    • View and edit all aspects of sponsor accounts. Search accounts by email, www address, signup IP; order accounts by signup date, funds, etc. Change username, password, email. View account balance. Delete user if necessary.
    • Add funds manually and see payment history for account
    • Manage individual sites - change titles, keywords or descriptions or suspend/activate the site.
    Edit Templates

    K-Search is fully template based that enables it to be customized as easy as possible.

    • Edit page templates
    • Edit CSS stylesheet
    • Edit email templates
    • Edit language files
    Edit Software Options

    Software options lets main site characteristics to be changed. Site name can be changed, also search options - which search engines to use, results retrieval timeout, whether to cache results, etc. Also through software options site owner can enter his PayPal and 2CheckOut ID's and choose which payment gateways to use.

    Manage Popular Searches

    Edit a list of high-priced keywords that are displayed at the index page of K-Search.

    Online Demo!

    Try the administration area yourself! (username: demo, password: demo)

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