K-Search Premium 15-day Trial Download

The free 15-day trial version allows you to install the K-Search Premium edition on your own server, which lets you fully test the software before purchasing. There are many things you can test which was previously difficult to do using the online demo - template customization, translation, changing software options, testing if it works correctly on your server, etc, etc.

The demo version has a couple of limitations though:

  • It will only operate for 15 days
  • Source code is encoded (paid versions come with full source code)

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Click Here to Download K-Search Premium Trial Version  

Also please take a look at the manual before installing the software to make sure it is setup right.

Quick Troubleshooting

The source code is encoded, so you'll need a special loader file to run the code. In most cases the software will work straight out of the box as the trial version is shipped with loader files for the most common operating systems and PHP versions. However in case you'll need a different loader file, we have included instructions on where to get one in the readme file.

Do not unpack the second zip file (named _DO_NOT_UNPACK_....) included in the main archive package. Just upload all the files you have in the main package to your server and run install.php.

Make sure the installation directory is empty before installing the script (or at least remove .htaccess file).

In case there are any problems with the installation please refer to the manual or contact support if the manual doesn't help.

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